1012 S Mason Road,

Katy, TX 77450



World Theater

1012 South Mason Road,

Katy, Texas, 77450

Tel: 832-552-5115



Community  Involvement
World Theater welcomes multi-cultural organizations to make use of the facilities by presenting meaningful events that benefit our diverse citizenry. For-profit corporations and non-profit organizations are welcomed to rent the facilities for Special Events, Industrial Shows, Seminars, Conferences and for fun parties and celebrations.  

World Theater believes that multi-cultural theatrical productions and cultural events can become a bridge contributing to global peace & prosperity; that diverse activities to promote both culture and commerce will enrich Katy Life. The World Theater & Performing Arts Academy,  through its partnerships with organizations (for profit and non-profit), will produce cultural treasures performed by artists from our own community, from throughout the United States and the world.

Contact: 832-552-5115

email: worldtheatertexas@gmail.com

World Theater

1012 South Mason Road,

Katy, Texas, 77450

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​​​​​Katy, Texas is emerging; it is becoming a national and internationally  reowned city for its rapid growth along with its highly respected school district and economic  growth over the past decade. Now is the perfect time to expand cultural and commerce needs for community participation and betterment; to entertain, educate and enlighten Katy’s diverse citizenry through a newly created dynamic Performing Arts Center with multi-cultural performances and special programming that is  accessible  and  affordable.  

Tel: 832-552-5115

Email: worldtheatertexas@gmail.com